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ARGO Safely goes where others can’t follow

8x8 mobility and strong-but-light construction give ARGO's the low ground pressure and traction to traverse all types of soft and difficult soils including muck, swamp, muskeg and snow. With the industry’s lowest center of gravity (CG), ARGO vehicles traverse side slopes, grades and obstacles that are inaccessible to other vehicles. ARGO’s exceptional terrain capabilities and high altitude performance extends the range of sites and seasons where vehicles can operate productively.

ARGO's swim or ford water obstacles with no preparation required to enter or exit. ARGO's fully-sealed body ensures that all engine and mechanical fluids are well contained to avert all soil and water contamination. In dry conditions the design and placement of the exhaust and electrical systems of ARGO minimize any risk of a fire hazard in dry vegetation.

With their add-on rubber tracks, ARGOs tread as lightly as your own footprint. All ARGO attachments are designed, tested and engineered to minimize the impact of the Static Stability Factor.

The integral skid plate and high ground clearance of the ARGO body prevents bottoming out or hanging up on terrain obstacles.

Optional cargo decks and interchangeable attachments, including 4 and 8 wheel amphibious trailers, turn the ARGO into a versatile mobile platform for completing heavy duty tasks on the job site, farm, fishing camp or hunting lodge.

BDS ARGO Sales - Drew Simmons - 5282 Bucktown Rd - Cambridge, MD 21613 - Phone: 443-477-1795

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